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Prolotherapy Specialist
Prolotherapy offers a safe, effective alternative to steriod injections for pain.
A common approach to chronic pain from injuries like strains and sprains is to use steroid injections, but prolotherapy offers a safe, effective alternative. Board-certified regenerative medicine expert Forrest Lanchbury, MD, DVM, of Sedona Regenerative Medicine in Cottonwood, Arizona, offers expert prolotherapy injections that boost your body’s natural abilities to heal injured tissues. To find out how prolotherapy could benefit you, call the Verde Valley office, or schedule a consultation online.
Prolotherapy Injections For Chronic Pain Cottonwood AZ

Prolotherapy Q & A

Prolotherapy stimulates your body’s built-in repair systems and helps heal injuries to soft tissues and joints. The treatment involves injecting a concentrated dextrose (sugar) or saline (salt) solution. Neural prolotherapy for neuropathy (nerve pain) uses a less concentrated solution that goes just under your skin. Prolotherapy at Sedona Regenerative Medicine may improve joint function, reduce pain, and enable some patients to avoid surgery.

Prolotherapy is a safe, effective method for treating many ligament, joint, and tendon injuries. Chronic pain that develops after an injury is typically a result of poor quality healing, where your body’s repair mechanisms switch off before completing the job. Prolotherapy activates a fresh round of healing that helps finish any substandard repairs.

Some of the conditions Dr. Lanchbury can treat using prolotherapy include:

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)
  • Shoulder tendinitis
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash injuries
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders


Prolotherapy can also help patients with degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease (a common cause of herniated discs and spinal nerve compression) by slowing down the rate of tissue deterioration. 

The sugar or salt solution in prolotherapy injections works by triggering a modest inflammatory response in the treated tissues. Inflammation is a critical stage in the healing process that makes your body produce healthy new cells to replace the damaged cells.

Dr. Lanchbury can also combine prolotherapy with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. PRP contains growth factors that further boost cell growth and tissue repair to enhance the healing process.

How soon do I feel the effects of prolotherapy?

You won’t feel an immediate difference in your condition after prolotherapy in the way you would after a steroid or nerve block injection, as it takes time for your body to respond to the inflammation.

However, in about a month or so, there should be enough new cells for you to start experiencing a reduction in pain. Optimal healing can take as much as six months but is typically long-lasting.

To benefit from Dr. Lanchbury’s expertise in prolotherapy, call Sedona Regenerative Medicine or book an appointment online today.

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